The Final Creative Project….

It’s [ALMOST] official 🙂 !!!  On June 3rd, 2017 I finish my last class and my degree is officially conferred on the 30th.

Once the 30th arrives I can now apply for my provisional LMHP license.  I’ve been hired at this wonderful agency that pays 45% of what medicaid pays.  This means I am able to make money on the basis of how hard I work.  Other agencies I’ve looked into pay crappy to be honest. One, in particular pays 30k a year which translates to around 14 dollars an hour.  For a masters level degree this seems quite insane.  To top it off, it requires quite a bit of travel.  About 3 days a week I’m driving to Fremont and 1-2 days a week I’m driving to Blair.  That’s about 2 hours in the car daily, on top of a 40 hour week.  The other jobs I worked for paid slightly better, however still didn’t quite measure up to Capstone’s offering.  For example, one in particular pays 36k yearly, which amounts to about 16-17 an hour.  Additionally, the position requires you to be on call 24 hours a day…..

…The most illuminating part of my job search was during an interview that I had just prior to Capstone.  During this interview, I was told I could work for six months, “or so” as a case manager for about 16 an hour.  Then, “once he thought I was ready” I could then be paid 28-30 an hour.  The feeling I had during this interview, was that this employer was focused only on money, and desperate for help.  I left that day realizing, that I need to be aware of how the employer treats me and respects me.  I didn’t feel respected or valued by any prior employers.   I was there to fulfill their needs, accept the terms set forth and be grateful for whatever offer is given…..

….So anyway, on June 3rd I’m officially done in school and no longer allowed to practive therapy in any manner or form until my provisional LMHP license arrives.   This means I’m provided an opportunity to “take a quick breather”.  It’s been such a long journey.  I can’t believe I finally made it and achieved my goal.

I have this “creative project” for my final internship course, that requires me to reflect upon this educational experience.  Here are my thoughts in random order…

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