NERD ALERT!! (Defining the Purpose of this Blog)


I am a wife, mother, graduate student, healthcare worker, aspiring therapist, self-help junkie, frustrated artist & student of life. The content in this blog reflects the many roles I hold in life & serves several purposes:


As a therapy intern, I’ve found it necessary to dig up old papers for information relevant to what I encounter while “on the job”.  Additionally, with a licensure exam “in my future” the review is essential…


They say the “world’s a stage” but nobody wishes to acknowledge this fact.  In honor of Erving Goffman’s dramaturgical perspective, I hope to “break the fourth wall” & look behind the scenes.  The politics of politeness seem to require a “suspension of disbelief”.  This blog offers me a chance to act in defiance of this notion & say the “unsayable”….
As a perpetual caregiver, this blog represents an opportunity to “unwind” after a long day.  This blog also serves as a place where I can unload a day’s worth of mental vomit… 🙂 🙂 🙂
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