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dreams, goals, & plans

If you add a completion date to a dream you have a goal

If you create a list of action steps for your goal, you have a plan.

If you take action daily to work towards your plan, this is success.

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…and it only took one month!

After much time piddle-dinking with the many customizable features of my very first wordpress blog, I’mblue tongue_Fotor happy to announce to my five readers (as of this posting), that this blog is up and running.  I’m so busy, between work and graduate school, it seems there’s little time to stop and breathe.   Its the end of a very long day and I’m snuggling on the sofa with my eight year old boy while watching reruns of “The Amazing World of Gumball”.
Talan has officially approved of my blog and feels its “pretty enough now”.  The one criticism he has had, is that I need orange robots for my website, because they’re cool.  He wants cool pictures of orange robots.  However, I have no desire to pay $10.00 for an orange robot picture.  Therefore, he has found me a cool youtube video of an orange robot that he really likes…

Here it is, especially for your enjoyment.

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