I am a full-time working mother living in the midwest who adores her family. As a healthcare worker & novice therapist, I spend 90% of my time in the service of others.  While this sort of activity suits me well as an INFP, I have to admit it the responsibility can be overwhelming at times.

This blog is the culmination of over 5 years of procrastination & represents for me a huge victory in overcoming a perpetual stuck-ness in my life.  With 5 years of therapy and well-earned lessons under my belt, I share my random thoughts on this journey through life.
This blog is a brain-dump for all the crap that collects within my mind after a long day.  There is a generous smattering academically-oriented information from years spent as a perpetual student.  Then there are the honest reflective thoughts collecting in my heart after years of personal and professional growth.  One common thread throughout it all is my own unique, contrarian & nerdy perspective

A lot of thought went into the creation of this blog. Ultimately, I’ve opted for a brutally honest approach to this creative endeavor.  I understand fully that there’s a chance that somebody I know might find this site, read it’s contents, & not like what they see here.  While I do regret the hurt feelings, when it comes to the traumas of my past, I feel it is vital that I speak of these experiences with great candor.  Doing so has been critical in my own healing process…

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