Given only one choice, it is better to ask the question than know the answer. The former produces clarity and the latter perpetuates bullsh*t.

Failure is just one way I got to learn how not to achieve my goals. (think Edison and the light bulb).

I am much worse than I’m willing to admit and much greater than I have yet to realize. I commit to living on the right side of the equation.

Common sense is a highly over-rated majority rules notion that overlooks deeply held values relevant to ones unique life experience, for blind pragmatism.

While action without forethought is idiotic, so are well-laid plans without follow-thru to back them up.

My value is an unseen matter of fact, for me to know and others to witness.

I create meaning from life’s experiences thru the perceptual lens I choose to hold. “As I perceive it, so it shall be.”

The truest measure of who “I am” is in lasting impact I leave upon others. In this respect, identity is verbal construct rather than an abstract and internal preconceived idea.

I get what I believe is possible and become what I think I am.  I need to focus more on the cause and less on the outcome.

It is the journey and not the destination that matters in the end.

my name is Kathleen

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