The Irony of Love….

Love is a belief, based on a perception, experienced as knowledge, while acting as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Desire is a bittersweet contradiction, seeking fulfillment of it is equivalent to chasing rainbows.

iStock_000005622510_Medium (1)However, despite love’s bittersweet aftertaste, & desire’s illusory nature – we still feel compelled to attain the object of of our wanting – logic be damned.

In a moment of blind wanting – nothing is more real than the love we feel, or the illusionary misperceptions upon which they are based.

With 20/20 hindsight we realize seeds of our own destruction: as a cognitive distortion of what love “should be”

It is also disturbing to note that the relationship marketplace follows rules that mimic the laws of economics.

iStock_000001773986_LargeRelationships often play out as a theatrical productions, based an agreed upon suspension of disbelief…

It appears someone has set up the rules of this game in contradiction to one another for personal bemusement: pitting desire against supply, power against love….

Attempting to understand love in this manner leads to a nihilistic death of the very thing we are trying to understand…

iStock_000005623222_MediumHowever, despite all this, I believe love is the only real thing there is.

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