I am an INFP Myers-Briggs Type…

INFP: “a food log for the mind…”

INFP MBTI stands for “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator”. Based on Carl Jung’s work “Psychological Types”, published in 1921, it was first developed by Isabel Myers (1897-1980) and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs (1875-1968) in 1943. Utilizing Jung’s insights as a jumping off point, Myers & Briggs wanted to design an instrument that would allow individuals to develop an understanding of critical aspects of their temperament. I’ve taken this test several times in my life, and find the results quite fascinating. It has been quite useful for me in my academic pursuits, career aspirations, and personal relationships. As I understand it, the MBTI much like a mental food log. It describes how we interact with our world, recharge our batteries after a long day, how we intake information, and what we do with it.


Understanding introverted feeling

imageThe biggest complaint I’ve heard about INFPs are that they are very difficult to know. I find the above quote from Carl Jung quite humorous. It’s certainly an accomplishment that we make so little sense for someone such as Jung – who is known for his intuitive understanding of the human mind 🙂 🙂 . As I experience this difficult-to-understand nature, there are two perspective from you could discuss it, in which a fizzy pop can metaphor might be useful. Let’s say there are several pop can’s sitting on the counter. Somebody grabs one of them and shakes it up a bit so there a bit of extra pressure inside, then places it next to the other pop can’s. I call this the INFP pop can. From the outsider’s perspective, it sits like there, as any normal pop can would, and basically takes up space until one opens it up and takes a drink. As the INFP, its important to remember that surface impressions don’t scratch the surface of one’s internal reality. In other words, a view from within the pop can is very different than surface impressions might lead one to believe. This is usually a surprise to the unknowing observer who picks up the INFP pop can and opens it up to take a drink….


Understanding Extroverted Intuition…

image“He has a keen nose for things in the bud pregnant with future promise. He can never exist in stable, long-established conditions of generally acknowledged though limited value: because his eye is constantly ranging for new possibilities, stable conditions have an air of impending suffocation. He seizes hold of new objects and new ways with eager intensity, sometimes with extraordinary enthusiasm, only to abandon them cold- bloodedly, without regard” (Jung, 2014, p. 27-28).


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