OMG!!! He’s leaving us…

Today, my son came home with this assignment from his English AP class.  They are reading Hamlet & the teacher has requested the parents write a letter, (i.e. Polonius to Laertes).  I’ve decided to post it here….

Dear Josiah:

As I write this letter to you, I am forced to face the very grim reality that you will be “leaving us”.  As you set out to build a “life on your own terms”, I hope you don’t forget the happy memories & our unconditional love.
This brings me to the point of this letter:  “do you have any advicethat you think will helpfind happiness & success?”  I’ll try not to bore you with a “verbose lecture” & provide the “Cliff’s Notes” version:
  1. You become what you believe you are & limited by the breadth of self-perceived possibility.  You’re very lucky to be blessed with a father & grandfather who are both independent spirits.   You’re quite a bit like them.   Stick with what you know you are about.  You’ve got a good head on your shoulders.
  2. Given one choice it is better to ask the question than know the answer.  The former produces clarity & the later perpetuates bullsh*t.  (I apologize to your teacher for the potty word).  What do I mean by this?  Look up the word “Hubris”.  In my family there are many individuals who feel they “know the answers” & are quick to spout their own brand of wisdom.  Given the choice, I feel it is better to embrace the opportunities for growth life throws your way. (Think Edison & The Light Bulb)
  3. “Common Sense is a highly over-rated majority rules notion that overlooks deeply held values relevant to one’s unique life experience, for blind pragmatism”.  As one “INFP” to another “INFP”, please take my advice & save yourself a world of headache.   INFP’s are like that kid in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.  Do not be afraid to call things as they are.  You’re that kid that points out the fact the king is naked.  Be unafraid of others opinions & Call it like you see it.  You are a horse of a different color – and that is a beautiful thing.
  4. The search for love is often like chasing rainbows.  It is something you often find when you stop looking like when a butterfly lands on your shoulder.  (Yeah I know this one is kind of corny, but the metaphor works).  I spent my teen’s and 20’s seeking outside myself for what I carried within me.  Ultimately, I have come to appreciate the empowering notion that the truest measure of my value is the lasting impact I make on others.  I get the love I desire in my relationships because I make a concerted effort to invest wisely what I have to give.

In closing, know that the time and space are irrelevant matters when it comes to my motherly love.  You carry it with you wherever you go.  Go make your life your own & don’t forget I am always here, should you need anything

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